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Remote Display with cable for MPPT Charge Controller

Part No.: AS-DS

The LCD screen provides an informative, user-friendly display for MPPT Series 20 30 40 & 60 Amp MPPT solar controller

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This remote meter is designed for monitoring our company's mppt solar charge controllers with remote control function.

This LCD Display which allows you to view current, voltage and power outage coming into the controllers, including the items M2420, M2430, M2440, M4860 and M2420N, M2430N, M2440N, M4860N.

Key Features

■Automatic identify and display the type, part number and relevant parameter data of the mppt controllers

■ Real-time monitoring live data and operating statuses of the connected devices in numeric and graphic forms by a large-size screen LCD (it can display up to 10 parameters and states)

■Direct, easy and rapid operation of four navigation function keys

■No need for an external power supply, connection with a controller by means of a data cable will be enough to enable the unit to be powered

■Real-time monitoring and checking of live data, charging and discharging parameters, load state, fault codes, historical data, device information, etc. of an individual controller

■Employs two indicator lights to indicate controller abnormalities and communication errors respectively

■RS485 communication mode, adopted of standard Modbus protocol

■With the optional bluetooth-version display unit, more powerful functions can be realized compatible with a mobile App.

Electrical Parameter

Stand-by power consumption

LCD backlight on <35mA/12V

LCD backlight off <25mA/12V

Mechanical Parameter

Installation dimensions

96x96 mm

External dimensions

115.82x115.82 mm

Product weight


Communication interface

RJ12 (6-PIN)

Baud rate


Meter cable

Standard 2m

Environmental Parameter

Operating temperature


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