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c.Intelligent Charging Chip System

2020/01/10 10:29:18
This 120W Portable Solar Kit is generally used for the following application:charging 5volts devices such as, mobile phones, tablets, power banks, PSP, MP4, GPS, bluetooth headphones etc. under sunlight, and charging for some 12v to 18v devices like car jump starter, laptop power banks, emergency storage power systems etc.
Please note this kit doesn’t have power storage function, the charging efficiency will be different depended on the different angle of sunlight, the different radiance of sunlight, and the actual demands of the devices to the charging current.

Key Features
a.PET Monocrystalline Solar Panels
b.Polyester Waterproof Fabric
c.Intelligent Charging Chip
d.Multiple Safety Protections
e.Lightweight and Convenient
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